Business Case Study for Ecommerce Brands

 Ecommerce Case Study for Fashion Vibes Brand


Running an eCommerce business  is no easy task. While Covid situation has pushed a lot of small and medium businesses into the on;ine world but not all online businesses will be able to get the market share because the ecommerce space is already very competitive. Running a physical store requires a very different set of skills and some business is guaranteed due to the physical presence. But in an online world even a substantial business revenue is not guarnteed. Acording to a recent survey done by Business Suite magazine, over 80% of the online store are struggling with generating any revenue at all. Overtime the business owners give up on their online dream because of the lack of knowledge and expertise that is required to run an online business. Hiring an marketing agency requires substantial investment on a regular basis for longer time is not feasible due to budget constratints but this is where most of the businesses fail. At Plumeria Ecommerce we have short term and long term strategies to grow sales and revenue so you see the results sooner and the marketing spend can be justified.


So with that in mind, we are starting thsi blog series with  eCommerce lessons to help you cut straight to the chase in implementing some simple solutions to increase your online sales.


[eCommerce case study #1] achieved 40% more conversions by using Pinterest Channel


Fashion Vibes is a leading South Asian Wedding Couture Brand which has a wide audience in USA and Canada.


As a brand new company looking to disrupt the rather saturated luxury south asian wedding fashion market, Fashion Vibes certainly had its work cut out for them in terms of generating visibility and brand awareness.


So, the team turned to PLumeria Ecommerce for advice on how to grow revenue using Social Media Paltform. At the time Fashion Vibes didnt had much presence on the social media . Plumeria Ecommerce created a Social Media Strategy highlighting which channels will be profitable for an online store like fashion vibes which plays in a niche market . In the Business case report, the team at Plumeria identifed the Pinterest platform to be best suited for the brand which had heavy emphasis on beautiful images and product videos that they generate in bulk and this is a womens only wedding couture brand.

Using a combination of short term and long term objectives, the next steps were decided to bring the brand awareness on Pineterest. Today Fashion Vibes has more than 10 m monthly views on their pins and have more than 200k followers which is doubling every other quarter. The Revenue generated has already soared to 40% more as comapred to last years returns. Fashion Vibes is on the way to become a a major fashion brand in USA and UK for South Asian Wedding Clothes. Click here for the official Fashion Vibes Pinterest platform.


Take home message

While there are a number of lessons to take away from FV'sapproach, here, the main thing to realize is that not all social media paltform is going to work for online businesses. They have to identify one or two channels that will produce the most ROI for them and focus their energies and investment on those channels. Deciding which channel to invest on takes more that identifying whats hot in the market right now. It has to be customized with keeping the special market needs that are applicable for your business.


Plumeria Ecommerce Starter SEO package and Pinterest Advertising package will help you get started in this journey. The beauty in these packages is that you can start with 1 month payment and then go for monthly subscription if you feel satisfied with the services. 


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